A lot has been said about social media marketing. Research has been done, tips and strategies given but one question still remains. How do you humanize your brand and give it a voice without sounding too salesy or come across as trying too hard.

Facebook has over 2 Billion users while Instagram has over 700 million users. While Facebook is the most preferred social media channel, Instagram has its own set of advantages despite having less users. For instance, Instagram has a more engaging audience as compared to other platforms. You can also have a more targeted audience as there is less competition.

Standing out can be a bit challenging but for starters you can try the following.


1. Create a Winning profile.

While this may seem like such an obvious point, many companies often do not optimize on it. Make sure that the profile picture is the logo for your company and if you are a consultant, be sure to use a headshot. This goes for both Facebook and Instagram.

If your business is on both platforms, make sure that the images used are similar.

On Facebook, use the About section to tell your audience more about you. Put down the general description, mission and vision statement, company information, when the company was found, major events and milestone. Be brief yet descriptive.

On Instagram, explain what your business is all about on the bio. Below your bio you can add a clickable link which can direct people to your website but do not limit it to that use only. Update the link frequently so that people can get to see the latest information about your business.

2. Demonstrate creative ways to use your products.

60% of customers want businesses to demonstrate how to use their products. This is a good way to show your audience why your product matters. Show them the solution that your product offers and how it has changed people’s lives.

On Facebook you can use native videos, live videos. You can ask your audience to send videos of them using the products as well as enable reviews for your Facebook business page.

Instagram- You can use live videos as well to show products, how to use them, give valuable and inspirational lifestyle tips that fit in with your product line. Upload videos showing your consumers using your product.

3. Show your company culture

Remember that the page is part of the company. You do not want to come off as not being serious or as not being approachable. On both Facebook and Instagram define your target audience as well as your goals.

Research shows that the biggest asset that a company has is the employees and it goes on to tell us that how you treat your employees will more often than not be reflected in how they serve your customers. On both platforms you should:

Share picture of employees and the different roles they play in your business. This will make them feel appreciated.

Share with your audience the employee of the week/month. This will help foster a spirit of competitiveness in your employees while your customers get to know the people who serve them. This creates a bond between the business and the audience.

4. Share your story

Have you ever visited a business page on either Facebook or Instagram and you found yourself wondering what’s the story behind that company. Or you found yourself looking for something to connect with.

Take your audience behind the scenes. With the availability of live videos on both platforms, there should be no reason why you can’t. Share a real work day and ask your audience for some insight and feedback.

Another way would be to share interesting pieces of information about your company’s evolution. Use hashtags #Throwbackthursday #Flashbackfriday in this kind of campaign.

Share photos and live videos of team building events. This way your audience gets to know how people bond in your company.

5. Stand out with branded images

Everyone is posting images and content on both Facebook and Instagram thus making it easy for your voice to get drowned.

Research shows that quote graphics are effective and solstice a lot offered back from your audience. With that in mind, you can try quote yourself in a branded image. Make a list of quotes you want to share. After compiling the list, think of the brand color you want to use so that people can automatically associate it with you.

6. Demonstrate volunteering and community involvement.

Every business owner knows that they have a responsibility to give back to the community. This is often used to show gratitude to the local consumers for showing your support in your business as well as further good causes in the community.

Capture those CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) events in your social media. People want to know how your business is helping the world be a better place. Tag all those involved and include their names in the description. This applies to both Facebook and Instagram. Give credit where credit is due.

7. Forms of content and number of times you should post.

A study by Social Bakers shows that the recommended number of times to post on your Facebook page would be twice in a day, between 5-10 times a day. On Instagram you can post a bit more often just be sure not to overdo it as people will get turned off by your posts.

When planning, make sure that the content calendar is edited on a regular basis and that there is consistency in your posts. Avoid posting sporadically.

Different content forms will appeal to different audiences but do not get stuck in your comfort zone. While videos and images are the most common contents shared, on Facebook you cane use info graphics, gifs, links to your blog, live videos.
On Instagram you can use: live videos, hashtags discovery, how to posts, videos that can go for up to 1minute and has editing features and face filters(to make it more fun and engaging), gifs(boomerangs).

If you want your images to stand out to your audience:

Post images and videos that show a distinctive view of the world.
The videos and images should be of high quality and have a unique visual sense.
The videos and images should be interesting, provocative and engaging to your audience.

While being different is often looked down upon, in social media this is highly encouraged. Sell your brand in the most effective way. You owe your audience and clients that much. If you have any more ideas, feel free to contribute to the discussion in the comment section below.

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