As a digital marketer and strategist, I have to admit that Super Bowls is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. This is the one time we get to see marketing geniuses at their best and get some deep insights from them. That, plus the game obviously.

With a view of over 149 million viewers, with 16% saying that their main interest is actually not the game but the commercials,advertising is on a whole different level here. Companies are willing to spend $5million to have their ads aired for 30 seconds during the game.

Research shows that:

50% of Super Bowl viewers would share the Super Bowl ads they liked.
65% are likely to interact with the brand on Social Media.
74% of viewers are likely to click on the CTA.

Now you know why these ads are usually a big deal. It’s all about creating a ripple effect that would last for a long time. This year the Super Bowl commercial views increased by 17% on YouTube.

This year, as always, the commercials did not disappoint and my absolute favorite was the Alexa commercial.

And here is why:

  •  Creativity

Creativity is intelligence having fun- Albert Einstein.

What I love about this ad, is their level of creativity. No one expected that Alexa would lose her voice and to top it up, Amazon takes it a notch higher. They make the commercial interesting and engaging to the audience. This is a commercial that I wouldn’t mind watching over and over.

USA TODAY wrote that Alexa was the best commercial ad of 2018. Most of the respondents were males and the other individuals were under 21, 21-34, 35-49, 50-64.

Did the commercial capture your interest? Did you enjoy viewing it from the fits the second till the last one? These are the questions you should ask yourself when gauging the level of creativity in your ad.

  • Use of humor.

Humor is relative but I found the commercial quite funny and entertaining.

The number one king for driving engagement is humor. When your ad makes people laugh, it becomes easier for them to remember your brand and win them over. 85% of people are more likely to respond to the CTA if there is humor in your ad. I felt good after seeing the ad and that is how any audience should feel after interacting with one of your ads. But that depends with the context as well.

Here is a simple breakdown on how people would respond to CTA based on different categories:

85% would click on the CTA if there was humor.
42% would click on the CRA if there was emotion.
39% would click on the CTA if the ad was based on a new product launch.
29% would click on the CTA if there was a celebrity appearance.
26% would click on the CTA if it was based on real people stories.

  • Target audience.

Know your target audience and you are half-way there. If you watch the video attentively, you will notice that all the generations have been well represented from baby boomers to Generation Z. With a cast of Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, Jeff Bezos, Gordon Ramsay, Sir Anthony Hopkins, each celebtity caters to a certain generation thus making it easier to relate to your brand.

By doing research on your target audience, you will find it easier to market to them. Different generations have different needs and values. This will also help you when it comes to influencer marketing as the success of that types of marketing depends on the person you choose and their integration with your audience.

  • Consumer involvement.

Due to a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, marketing strategies and tactics have had to change. The consumer is the one who holds the power and has the final say, therefore it only makes sense when there is consumer involvement in your ad.

This can be based on subject, situation or circumstances. In the ad, when we learn that Alexa has lost her voice, we can’t wait to see how the owners will react. And this automatically pulls us in and gets our attention.

Do not talk at your consumers but rather talk to them. Make them feel involved in your ads. Make them know that their issues is at the top of your mind and who wouldn’t love to do business with a person who has mindfulness as their number 1 quality?

Remember it’s not always about you but rather what you can do for your consumer.

  • Make it memorable

Last but not least, Amazon made its Alexa commercial memorable. From the cast to their use of humor. They were able to infuse personalization in the sense that whoever had a question regarding food would be directed to Ramsey, music to Cardi B etc. The solution was not a generic one. This is one of the reasons why the ad stood out. An unexpected problem with an unexpected solution.

With so much content and videos on the Internet, standing out is a must! And you have just 30 seconds to either gain or lose your audience. What message do you want to send out? Don’t be all passive-aggressive about it. Give your consumers something to talk about. Do not be afraid to think out of the box…

Do you have any more points to add on the ones above? Feel free to contribute to the discussion by leaving your comments below.

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