The festive season is brewing. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with it comes Black Friday. After that Christmas carols will soon fill the air.

With the rise of e-commerce, every single business will be out there trying to get as many clients as possible. As you all know, Black Friday is usually the one day that records the highest number of sales made online. Below are some strategies that will help you stand out from the competition:

Before getting into any online marketing campaign, it is vital that you do some research before hand. Get to know how strong your digital presence is, how much traffic you generate on both your social media platforms and website. Get to know the number of email subscribers in your database.

Once you have your figures in place, you can now do the following:
Product promotion- Successfully promote and present your goods.

Customer segmentation- Identifying your target consumer based on their online behavior and how they like to do their online shopping.

The main objective of this stage is to attract interest to your website and social media platforms. In order to figure out the best channel to reach your audience, you need to revisit your previous year’s campaign. Get to know what worked, which social media channel created the most buzz, which offers attracted the most number of customers.

Here are some suggestions on the best ways to reach your audience:

SEO– Thia is the process of optimizing your website so that people can easily find it in search engines. To rank higher use back links to your website, update your metadata for the duration of your campaign, use images as it helps in the ranking system and be sure to make your search result look as appealing as possible to increase clicks and conversion.

Social media– Use your social media channels to reach your audience. When creating paid ads, define who your target audience is.

Influencers and 3rd party websites- These are forms of digital P.R whereby you find websites relevant to your products to have them feature your products on their sites.

This is the process of interacting with your new leads and audience. Be sure to use engaging content that will make the prospective client come back. Make the on-site experience memorable as by the end of the day, many offers will be out there but only those that leave a lasting impression get to win. To achieve this:

Use a timer– The timer shows how long until the Black Friday sale begins. It helps in making the consumer be more aware.

Blog– Offer quality content to your audience. This tactic can also be used to get new traffic.

Teaser– Can be in the blog or in graphic form. Offering a sneak peak of your Black Friday deals creates an eagerness that gets people excited.

Apps– Install apps that will help in making the customer experience amazing. This is especially for the e-commerce websites. Some apps to consider adding to your website include a live chat(for customer service) and timer.

Pre-event buzz– This is to gather a following. Offer exclusive incentives, offer free gifts and be ready to spend a bit more on ad campaigns.

Target millennials– Make the product/service convenient, use the FOMO approach (Fear Of Missing Out), reach out to influencers who appeal to millennials and be sure to make them feel part of an exclusive club.

Mobile optimization– With mobile marketing on the rise and information consumption being done on mobile devices, it is important that all offers and ads be optimized for mobile devices.

After reaching your target audience, the next logical step is to convert from lead to customer purchase. How do you get people to open their wallets?

Use a product deadline timer– This creates a sense of urgency and the consumer actually ends up making a purchasing decision as compared to when they know that they can always buy the item whenever they are ready.

Use of offers– This is when you have an existing database. Send e-mails to your clients with exclusive offers just for them. Offer discount coupons and codes. This will go a long way to show appreciation to your loyal customers and is a good retention strategy.

On social media and website, content is king. Use striking graphics, paint a vivid picture of what your offers will be. Make sure that the CTA (Call-To-Action) is clear. Feature new products on your home page and make it exclusive as people are always on the look out for the trendiest products and better deals.

Most people think that the job is done when the customer makes a purchase. But the truth is, that’s where the real work begins. Getting a client is easy, retaining one is hard work. Once a client buys a product from you, make sure that the packaging is done right. This is especially true for e-commerce sites. Add value to what your customer has bought. It can be in form of gift cards, personalized thank you card. This will make the client feel special and appreciated and will most likely buy from you again.

After the above steps are done, it is important that you measure and analyze your marketing strategy. This will track your ROI as well as help you understand your audience more and improve on your weaknesses.

To contribute to this post, feel free to add your thoughts and feedback.

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