Have you tried having a conversation with a teenager lately? If not try having one when they have their phones on their hands. This generation is one that is set to cause more buzz than Millennials. And let’s face it. It’s about time millennials paved way for the the next generation: Generation Z. Marketers are already hyped about this group and a lot of research is being doing as they approach the purchasing age and enter into young adulthood. This is the group that marketers define as the true digital natives since they were mostly born in an era where social media took the world by storm, Internet connection available worldwide and access to a smart phone almost being a necessity. So what makes this group so special?

Characteristics of Gen Z

1. They are born between 1995 and 2012.
Most people agree that this generation was born between mid 1990 to mid 2000s.

2. Entrepreneurial mindset.
Unlike any other generation, this generation got a first class ticket to seeing self made billionaires and many young entrepreneurs believing in themselves and actually making it. They are inspired by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg. This in turn has cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit in them.

3. Self-aware, self-reliant, innovative and goal oriented.
This is due to the entrepreneurial culture and mindset. Many of these young stars try to understand themselves at an early age. They prefer to define themselves and do not like being told what to do.

This is the Do It Yourself generation. Due to the availability of information, most prefer to teach themselves complex stuff. They follow tutorials on YouTube, Google, Pinterest etc.

5. Strong wifi connection.
If you want to torture this group, make the Internet connection slow or just cut it off from them. A survey recently taken, indicated that one of the most irritating things that they could barely tolerate was a slow connection.

6. Lose interest quickly.
The attention spam of Gen Z is roughly 8 seconds. This is due to overconsumption of information and media.

7. Believe in equality.
Unlike previous generations, Gen Z do not want to be defined by the old system. They believe everyone deserves a voice regardless of gender, size, race or even sexuality.

Now that we know about their behavior, how do you go about marketing to them.

Before we get to it, let’s look at a few figures on how millennial a and Gen Z differ in the social media usage.

70% of millennials use Facebook while only 48% of Gen Z use the same platform.

30% of millennials use Instagram while 48% of Gen Z use the same platform.

25% of millennials use Snapchat while 60% of Gen Z use the same platform.

12% of millennials use Twitter while 10% of Gen Z use the same platform.

When creating a marketing campaign, here are some strategies that you can use as a digital marketer and an entrepreneur.

Master the art of Snapchat
This is the most preferred platform for people in this generation. 80% used the platform at least once a day. Learn to speak their language and also try to get an understanding of their influencers as they tend to have the most impact on their decision making process. Brand loyalty is not their strong suit but rather they go with the flow and what’s trending.

Create Instagram stories.
This is by far the most popular social media used when it comes to live videos. Instagram stories was launched on August 2016 and it is not a channel to be ignored. Gen Z craves intimacy with companies and will only buy from those that they feel are genuine and care about them in general. Currently, there are over 30 more million people on Instagram stories than on Snapchat.

Makes message quick and to the point.
As I said earlier on,the attention span of Gen Z lasts for about 8seconds and due to the overconsumption of media, they have become experts on skimming through. Make snackable content that is engaging and easy to read.

Learn what they are about.
This group craves for attention and they want to know that you hold their values the same way that they do. Cultivate trust and build relationship with them. Also when making a package, remember that this is a generation that is used to convenience. Packages being dropped at home, getting a ride through an app etc. When marketing to them be sure to make it about their convenience.

Mobile Marketing.
Most of the information consumed is done on the phones. Mobile marketing is a must if you want to target this group. Make sure that the website works perfectly on mobile devices and that the site speed is fast as well. When you make content, always work with the assumption that the first place this information will appear is on the mobile site. From there you can then optimize for desktop.
Another point to consider would be creating an app for your product. With so many apps being developed, the shift is changing from web browsing to app usage. Be sure to include this in your long term marketing strategy.

Share content on YouTube.
Gen Z spends around 2 to 4 hours daily watching videos on YouTube daily. This means video marketing should be your top content marketing strategy. Learn about their influencers as well as they trust them more than the traditional ads. Embrace video presence and adopt a social visual strategy.

This is just but a tip of the iceberg as the research on Gen Z is still ongoing but marketers are already beginning to change their marketing tactics to accommodate this group. Feel free to add any more thoughts on the subject.

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