Pride. Shame. Guilt. Happy. Sad. Anger.

When starting out, getting an audience engagement can be very hard. You might find yourself pitching about your product and very little traffic to your website. This can be very frustrating especially if you are just starting out in Facebook Marketing.

Today we shall call this Facebook 103.

Did you know that there is a science behind growing an emotional attachment to brands? This all just comes down to understanding the human emotions and how to market to appeal to their needs. After all, 70% of decisions made is based on our experiences and the emotional state attached to it.

There are over 100 emotions, some of which you may not even know their names but all that can be narrowed down to two states:

High Arousal level- This is when you are happy and excited.Positive feelings are associated with this level.

Low Arousal Level- This is when you are calm or generally feeling sad, angry or scared.

These two levels affect how costumes behave. When you are in a high arousal level, you tend to buy exciting products and when you are in a low arousal level, you tend to buy products that will make them feel better.

Now that we know this, the next question is:

Can persuasion be increased?

Imagine you are in a supermarket and you are shopping for an ice cream. And almost impulsively you reach out for one. The very same one you always buy without even looking at the other brands. This is what we call emotional attachment to a brand.

The latest research shows that 32% of posts and ads with an emotional element performed better than those with only rational content. This is how you can increase your audience engagement and emotional attachment:

When using images, be sure to use a face. This creates an instant connection with the audience as facial expressions are universal and thus the consumer can be decipher it on their own. By using images and icons, you create a more holistic response.

Create excitement
By showing excitement you get to increase impulsivity which in turn makes people to act quicker which means more sales and traffic. To show excitement, use bright colors. They always catch the eye. Use a lot of exclamation marks and energetic tone. Be sure to use images that shows happiness and excitement. Last but not least,use powerful words.

Powerful words include:
Because-It is in our nature to want answers.
You-Makes you think of you.
Free-Who doesn’t love a free sample? We are always on the look out for free things.
Instantly-In the internet of things, we love the now.
New-We always want something better and improved.

Create a sense of urgency
Here the rule of scarcity and urgency applies. This tactic has been shown to increase sales by 330%. When you make something a matter of urgency, the brain is wired to act more promptly in order not to miss out especially if they know that it will be of great value to them. Be sure to keep clear dates,when the offer is starting and when it’s ending. Keep the offer simple and brief. Remember you want their attention so long descriptions tend to turn off the audience. Match the ad on the Facebook page to the one on the landing page. This just makes it easier for your customer to complete the process of purchase.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
This one has been discussed at length by almost everyone. It is a marketing tactic used mainly on the millennials. The art of using FOMO is not that hard to master. When using it, mention the number of people using your product and how it has changed their lives. This makes your audience wonder if they can really afford to miss out. Make your reader feel like they are missing out on being part of the next big thing. Use words that will appeal to them and images that will help them move over to your side. Be sure to make that Facebook ad offer limited by time. That will create urgency and make people sign up faster.

Learn how to use negative emotions.
No one likes a sad story but when used right, the results can be phenomenal. Here is a simple truth to posts and ads:

Happy ads and images=More Shares while Sad ads and images=More clicks.

Sure anger makes people react but don’t focus too much on that. At the end your should be able to sell the solution. Tell your story but focus on the solution. Offer hope for a better future. Nothing sells better than hope.

Create a sense of belonging
No man is an island. We all want to be part of something and not just anything. We want to be part of a community that does not judge us but rather embraces us as we are, a part of a community that offers a shoulder to lean on, a part of a community that makes us feel important and wanted. At the end of the day we just want to belong, your audience wants to belong and feel appreciated. Create that atmosphere in your Facebook marketing strategy and the ROI will just be unbelievable.


As you have seen, understanding emotions is very integral to your online marketing strategy. Videos that have gone viral have used emotions to exploit the market to their advantage. If you really your audience to have that emotional attachment to your brand, then be sure to connect with them. Not just as a source of revenue but as a human being.

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