They say marry your passion and you will never have to work another day. How true this statement turned out to be for me. Well writing is not my first love but digital marketing combined with entreprenuership and consumer awareness is. This is what fuels me day in-day out. Knowing that at the end of the day, I get to share something valuable to a person in need of the knowledge.

There is a saying in the marketing industry that states: Nothing has changed just the medium. This is a statement worth pondering on especially if you are just starting out in your business. And the beauty is, the medium is now within reach to everyone and is widely diversified. Meaning if one does not work for you, there is always other options.

Truth be told, it is never easy in the beginning. Everyone out there claiming to be an expert of some sort. Knowing where to start and who to trust is very essential. As I said earlier on, digital marketing is widely diversified. The main important aspect, is knowing your audience then tailoring your message to suit them.

“So what does my journey entail?” You ask. I have always been obsessed with numbers and trends. Analyzing consumer trends is something that I have been doing for a long while and I want to share what I have learned so far. And in the process, I hope to gather more knowledge as well. Besides, the rule of nature still apply, keep evolving or prepare to be extinct.

Numbers, consumer trends, digital marketing trends is my journey. It has been a journey that I have enjoyed so far and now I want others to experience the same.Join me and let us make it our journey. For it is only in numbers that we grow.

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